Tips For Caring For Silk Bedding

Silk is an organic and natural fibre, made of silkworm cocoons. Because it’s a natural fabric, extra precautions must be taken when caring for silk, especially your silk bedding. When purchasing the best silk pillowcase available, you want it to look and feel good as long as possible.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some ways to help make your silk bedding last longer:

Avoid Using Chemicals- when washing and cleaning silk bedding, you should avoid using any chemical cleaners. Some fabric cleaning products can make your silk fabrics feels rough. Also, it’s not easy to make sure that your silk bedding is free from traces of chemicals, even if you rinse it repeatedly. One advantage of using silk is its hypoallergenic properties and chemicals may cause allergic reactions in some people.

Wash In Silk-Only Load- avoid mixing silk bedding with regular clothes. Zippers, metal buttons and denim may cause tears in silk fabric. If possible, avoid using a washer with an agitator feature, because the mechanism may tear and pull the delicate fabric. It is advisable to put silk bed sheets and pillowcases inside a mesh wash bag to prevent possible damage.

Choose The Right Wash Cycle- cold water washing is more ideal for silk bedding. If the water temperature goes above 30 degrees Celsius during washing, silk may start to deteriorate. Choose the lowest setting to reduce the risk of your silk bedding being pulled and torn apart by the washing machine.

Hand Wash- if you are concerned that the washing machine will damage your silk bedding, you should hand wash it. When hand washing silk bed sheets and your Mulberry silk pillowcase, you should use cold water and laundry soap made for silk fabrics. Submerge your silk bedding in cold water and agitate it slowly with your hand. Don’t scrub and rub. Use running water to rinse any trace of laundry soap.

Dry Properly- avoid wringing out silk sheets and pillowcases because you will gradually weaken the fabric. Instead, hang silk items on clotheslines and allow the gravity to slowly remove the water. Remember that sunlight will damage silk and cause darker fabric to get discoloured. Wooden drying racks may leech wood finish or stains into your silk, so be sure to avoid them.


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