Five reasons you should use silk scrunchies for healthy hair

The humble scrunchie - dutifully keeping our hair off our faces since 1987 (evidently). When we think about styling our hair, we probably don’t get too excited about hair bands; we also might not stop to consider how they’re affecting the health of our hair. 

But did you know that using the wrong type of hair band can damage your hair and even cause headaches? Due to these adverse effects, more and more people are cottoning on to the idea of a more gentle way of putting their hair up: silk scrunchies

Here are five really good reasons you might want to make the switch from a bog standard hair band to a beautiful silk scrunchie.


Standard elastic hair bands are harsh on hair and easily snag, leading to hair breakage. How often do you take one out only to find what looks like hundreds of hairs wrapped around it? That’s because elastic bands cause a lot of friction. 

Silk scrunchies reduce this friction due to their slippery smooth texture, so they don’t pull out as much hair when you take them out. They gently glide over hair, keeping it smooth and frizz-free, and reducing static. 



Putting hair up into a tight ponytail with a standard elastic hair tie can create quite a bit of tension in the head. You might find that you suffer from compression headaches if you wear your hair up like this a lot. External Compression headaches occur when you wear something tight around your head for a prolonged period of time. The pain usually goes away when you remove the object which is causing the tension. Silk scrunchies can help prevent this as they don’t pull hair back as tightly, thus reducing tension. 

As well as causing headaches this tension on the hairline can lead to balding and even a receding hairline as the hair at the front of the head is weakened by being pulled back. You might find you’re losing a lot of hair from the roots. Traction alopecia is hair loss resulting from repeated pulling on the hair. It’s usually reversible if you can nip whatever’s causing it in the bud, but it can become permanent eventually if you don’t change your habits. Switching to silk scrunchies will help as it reduces the tension on your head and hairline when wearing hair up due to the looser hold. 

Wearing a silk scrunchie at night instead of a normal elastic band is also a good idea. During the night we often toss and turn which adds more pressure to hair roots, weakening and breaking hair shafts. If you can’t wear your hair down at night, switching to silk scrunchies with a looser hold will help prevent hair damage during the night and reduce the chances of you waking up with the dreaded bed head. 



Wearing your hair up frequently, as well as using a standard elastic hairband, can lead to unsightly ridges and dents in the hair when they’re taken out. These can stay in the hair for quite a while and ruin your look when you’re wearing your hair down. 

Silk scrunchies don’t dent the hair as much due to the looser fit and softer silk fabric. You could also consider using a silk headband instead of a hair band to keep hair off your face and avoid the ridges caused by standard headbands.



Silk scrunchies are gentle on dry, damaged and weak hair and their moisturising properties will help keep hair looking healthy. Silk reduces water loss from hair, helping to keep it hydrated and smooth. Moisturised hair is healthy and strong rather than dry and brittle, so using silk scrunchies also reduces the amount of split ends you get. 

Combining a silk scrunchie with a silk pillowcase at night will provide the ultimate protection from dehydration, whilst keeping you cool and comfortable. 

As well as keeping hair hydrated, silk fabric is naturally hypoallergenic and non-irritating as it’s resistant to mold, bacteria and fungi . If you suffer with allergies or a dry or sensitive scalp, you might find that silk scrunchies help. Just make sure you buy top quality silk products that have been extensively tested and are free from contaminants. 

Silk also helps with scalp health in general due to its temperature regulating properties. It keeps the scalp and hair cool and a cool scalp sweats less, which keeps hair follicles clear instead of clogged


Silk is elegant and timeless and looks great with any outfit or style of makeup. It’s a luxurious, fashionable material which more and more people are turning to to look beautiful whilst keeping hair healthy. 

Whatever your hair type, whether it’s thick and curly, fine and straight, long or short, silk scrunchies will look amazing whilst nourishing your hair. They also work with a multitude of different hair styles: the traditional ponytail, a messy bun, a plait or plaits (use small scrunchies to tie the ends), or a half up half down style. 

At Pura Silk, our silk scrunchies are made from 100% pure mulberry silk; they’re crafted from the highest quality fabric to ensure durability and shine. We want you to look and feel your best, so you can be assured you’re getting the high quality you deserve when you buy any of our products. 

You can take your pick of skinny, midi and large scrunchies to suit your hair type. All of them provide a strong hold without the damage caused by standard elastic hair bands. The rose gold silk scrunchies in particular will look super chic for any occasion. 

You might also want to check out our beautiful silk headbands as an alternative way to keep hair off your face, and take a look at the rest of our collections for the full range of luxurious silk products we offer. 


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