Why you should switch to silk

What springs to mind when you think about silk? Perhaps you imagine a fancy dressing gown or some seductive underwear, or maybe a body-skimming dress or beautiful blouse. You probably think of luxury and exclusivity. But would you think about silk as part of a standard beauty routine? 

You might have heard the rumours about how amazing silk is for your hair and skin, but perhaps you’re sceptical. Can it really be that great? Well, according to top dermatologists and hair experts, the answer to that question is a resounding yes. There’s been a growing shift towards the use of silk beauty products in recent years as people have learnt more about the numerous benefits it offers. 

If you are a bit cynical, read on to learn more about the benefits of silk products and how you can incorporate them into your beauty routine.


The benefits of silk beauty products:

We’re not talking here about skin creams or body lotions that incorporate silk, but rather silk beauty products that compliment your normal skin and hair care routine. Silk pillowcases, headbands, scrunchies, sleep masks and beauty bands can all help keep your skin and hair looking and feeling healthy and nourished. 

Plenty of people are also turning to silk face masks right now as we continue to wade through the Coronavirus pandemic. Some experts have suggested that silk face coverings could be a decent homemade alternative to surgical masks due to their breathable and moisture-repelling properties.

Silk doesn’t have to be a luxury preserved for the wealthy. Good silk can be perfectly affordable, so there’s no reason to shy away from using it to supercharge your beauty routine.


Skin care benefits of silk: 

Beauty experts and dermatologists will often emphasise the importance of hydration for healthy skin, and we might look for moisture-boosting skin creams to apply daily; but did you know that a silk pillowcase has moisturising benefits? Not only does silk extract less moisture from your skin than cotton, it also helps all the goodies from your skincare products stay in place, i.e in your skin where they need to be to do their thing. You can also buy hyaluronic acid infused silk products for maximum moisturising benefits. 

As well as promoting good hydration, the smooth surface provided by silk ensures less friction and tugging on delicate surface layers of skin, preventing wrinkles caused by moving around a lot during sleep. This is particularly beneficial for side or stomach sleepers. In addition, some studies have found that using a silk pillowcase can reduce incidents of acne, although it is best used in conjunction with other treatments for breakouts.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the thin skin around the eye area is very delicate and can be affected by tossing and turning at night, so wearing a silk eye mask will help protect it from any damage. It also has the added benefit of helping any eye cream you might use stay in place to be absorbed overnight. 

Silk beauty products are gentler on your skin than other materials, and 100% natural silk that doesn’t clog pores might be better for people with skin allergies or sensitive skin. The lower level of moisture absorption might also help those with dry skin. 

Using silk products like pillowcases and sleep masks can boost your skin’s overall health as part of a regular beauty routine and keep you looking youthful and fresh. 

Maximise your beauty sleep with Pura Silk’s 100% natural mulberry silk products


Hair care benefits of silk: 

As well as helping to rejuvenate your skin, the smooth texture of a silk pillowcase reduces friction and hair breakage. This means you’re less likely to wake up with tangled hair, also known as the dreaded bed head. As with your skin, silk will also absorb less moisture from hair, keeping it hydrated and helping to reduce frizz. 

As well as using a silk pillowcase, you might want to think about using silk hair scrunchies or silk headbands which will be soft on your hair and help prevent breakages. This is particularly important if you wear your hair up a lot. A silk scarf wrapped around your hair can also be great for preserving a particular hairstyle while you sleep as this limits oil production from hair

So it’s fair to say that silk, when used to bolster your existing beauty routine, can help you wake up feeling refreshed with glowing, smooth skin and shiny, soft hair. You’ll then feel your best knowing you’re looking your best, and we all know the positive knock-on effect that can have on our day. 


Other benefits of silk beauty products: 

In terms of getting a good night’s sleep, which is important for skin cell regeneration, silk can help. Its cool texture can ease hot flushes and generally keep you feeling comfortable at night by allowing your skin to breathe and regulating your temperature. 

Silk beauty products are also hygienic as, not only does silk absorb less sweat (whilst reducing sweat in the first place through cooling), it also prevents parasites like dust mites from interfering with your sleep by causing itchy skin.

Using silk beauty products will perfectly compliment the rest of your beauty routine and give your skin and hair a welcome boost. 

What to look for when buying silk products

High quality silk: Satin and silk can look similar, but make sure you check the details when you’re thinking of buying to ensure the product is 100% pure mulberry silk to ensure you’re getting the best. This needn’t mean super expensive though. Pura Silk’s products are top quality but also affordable. 

Environmentally friendly: Check if the silk you’re about to purchase has been certified by an independent body as being free from harmful chemicals which could offset any skin or hair care benefits. All Pura Silk’s products are 100% natural with no nasty chemicals, as well as being cruelty free. 

Maximum comfort: We don’t always think about things like zippers when buying pillowcases, but they can make a difference to your comfort while you sleep. Look for silk pillowcases with hidden zippers that won’t annoy you and lead to restless sleep. 


Where to buy quality silk beauty products: 

It’s best to steer clear of mass-produced silk products which might not be 100% natural. You want to make sure you’re getting the best to reap all the skin and hair care benefits you deserve. Look for independent retailers who focus on quality and durability. 

Pura Silk’s products are all handcrafted and lovingly made to help protect your skin and hair and help you feel your best. We know you also want to look as beautiful as you feel so our products are also stylish and feminine. You might want to take a look at our Rose Gold Collection which is particularly beautiful. 


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