The Best Night-Time Fragrances For A Good Night’s Sleep

There are many different methods you can choose which can help you improve your quality of sleep and let you feel more rested. From comfy pyjamas or a soft Mulberry silk pillowcase, to memory foam mattresses and specific fragrances, there are multiple things to consider, especially if you have certain sleep issues. Adding a light, sleep inducing fragrance to your night-time routine is an easy and affordable way to help you feel more comfortable and fall asleep faster.

With that in mind, we are going to take a look at some of the best night-time fragrances to choose:

Lavender- lavender is a popular fragrance because it can help us feel relaxed and sleep better. Based on studies, people who fell sleep in a room with natural lavender fragrance tend to feel more rested. An hour before you turn in for the night, diffuse lavender essential oils or spray diluted lavender oil over but not directly onto your best silk pillowcase and the scent will last for a few days.

Marjoram- marjoram is similar to oregano and a native plant from the Mediterranean region. For millennia, it’s been known to aid sleep and you can apply a drop of marjoram essential oil on your neck to achieve calmness. You can diffuse marjoram oil in bedroom the before you go to bed. Spray diluted marjoram oil on your bed for an added effect.

Chamomile- chamomile is known for its soft scent with a hint of apple. After drinking a cup of warm chamomile tea, you can also use chamomile as a soothing bedroom fragrance. Topically apply a drop of chamomile essential oil on your palm or neck. The scent is also known to soothe agitation, irritability, and anger, which can contribute to better sleep.

Frankincense- frankincense is the fragrant, dried resin of the Boswellia sacra tree. It has a woody and sweet scent with notes of spice and citrus. During ancient times, frankincense was commonly used as incense and fragrance. By diffusing frankincense oil in your room, you will benefit from better relaxation and reduced stress levels. Rub a drop on your palm and inhale the scent while sleeping.


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